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"I was still relatively young but remember taking a speed boat out when the weather and waters were very rough and we pounded through the waves only to see how fast and how far we could fly." 

Ömer Malaz 

Founder and CEO 

Numarine's constantly expanding 35,000 square meter climate­controlled and environmentally friendly production facility has the capacity to build fifty 62' ­ 105’ motor yachts per year. Within the expansive facility, dedicated departments manufacture our exhaustive list of componentry in­house using the very latest in cutting edge technology and automation. 

Our moulds for all hull, body and deck pieces are machined using one of Europe's largest 5 Axis CNC machines. Capable of running 24 hours a day, our precision moulds are produced to a tolerance of 0.1mm meaning each and every model is geometrically perfect from the outset. 

In addition to our hull and body production, Numarine has dedicated glass, cabinetry, upholstery and metal workshops in house producing each and every component found in our yachts. This in house production ensures the highly consistent quality, perfect fitment and optimum flexibility for customization on all our models. 

Keeping our capacity to 50 motor yachts per year means each and every one is treated with the utmost care, allowing for custom requirements to be undertaken with ease. 

Numarine has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification by RW TUV further ensuring the consistent high quality of all Numarine yachts. 

A combination of boundless energy and a relentless search for perfection consistently creates cutting edge and truly individual Numarine models. Continually impressing the motor­yachting world with ground­breaking and innovative designs, Numarine are the number one choice for discerning owners who value individualism with a want to stand out from the crowd. 

Numarine fully embraces the fact that every owners needs are different. Be it a striking and unique exterior colour scheme or full blown re­configuration of an interior layout, our in house design team work with our owners to create the perfect configuration and décor suited exactly to their needs with absolutely no compromise ever needed. 

We take the time, every time, to get it right for you. 

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